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Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest

Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest WINNERS!

Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest WINNERS!


2019 Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest

Create your own book and you could become a published author with your book on the library shelves! The contest is open to students in grades 1 through 5 who live or attend school in Lebanon County.Click here for contest rules! The deadline for entries is March 28, 2019. Questions? Contact Sarah at

2019 Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest Winners

1st Grade

The Magic Forest and Wait . . .Mom and Dad, Too?

 by Ian Rosello, Southwest Elementary

Honorable Mentions

The Adventure with Gooy by Cameron Kramer, New Covenant Christian School

The Leaf by Lydia Golgowski, Paloma School


2nd Grade

Money Won’t Buy You Happiness by Lucas Bensing, South Lebanon Elementary

Honorable Mentions

Jupiter’s Decision by Madelyn Godfrey, South Lebanon Elementary

Rex Saves the Day by Leah Ague, Lebanon Catholic School


3rd Grade

The Tale of the Special Christmas Present by Lydia Gulnac, Lingle Ave. Elementary

Honorable Mentions

Dice Stacking by Joshua Graham, Lebanon Catholic School

When A Meets Z Again by Charlye Nye, Lingle Ave. Elementary


4th Grade

Frisk’s Time to Shine by Ava Gass, Lebanon Catholic School

Honorable Mentions

The Adventure of a Gnome by Rileigh Lightner, South Lebanon Elementary

The Great Tana River Fight by Kiara DyReyes Wuite, Lebanon Catholic School


5th Grade

Fireflies and the Not So Fun Adventure by Caitlin Shay, Lebanon Catholic School

Honorable Mentions

The Fish That Saved the Day by Tara Ague, Lebanon Catholic School

Mysterious by Jackson Burress & Hunter Bowman, South Lebanon Elementary


2019 Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest Entry Form

The Lebanon Community Library is pleased to announce the Nineteenth Annual Poetry Contest. The contest will run from January 4th  through February 28th, 2019 and is open to all ages. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Entries must be submitted by 8pm Monday, March 4th. There will be twenty winners (ten from each age group – up to eighth grade and ninth grade to adult).

The rules are as follows: all contestants must be members of one of the Lebanon County Libraries. Contestants are limited to 2 entries and each poem must be no longer than one 8.5” x 11” page; each entry should be typed or printed clearly; please do not add illustrations; place your name on the page with the poem; each entry should have an entry form stapled to it (contact phone number/e-mail is very important); entries may be mailed or brought in person to The Lebanon Community Library, 125 North 7th Street, Lebanon, PA 17046,  or you can email your entries as Word attachments to .  If this method is selected please include all the entry form information in the body of the email. Poems that have been submitted to other contests or those that have already been published will not be accepted as entries. Entry forms are available at the library or you may print one here.

Winners will be posted by March 29, 2019 and a poetry reading from the winners will be held at the library on April 15, 2019 at 6pm. At that time, contestants and the general public will have the chance to order a bound volume of the winning entries for purchase. For additional information please contact Barbara Doughty at 717-273-7624, or .


2019 Poetry Contest Winners

9th Grade Through Adult

Snitz by Frederick F. Spangler
Unordinary by Michael Downs
Wadja Say by Kenneth Kreider
Identity by Yacielie Rodriguez
Heartbreak by Ariel Brandt
Risk by Bryanna Lister
To The Library We Go by Norman Tobias
Family through the Year by Jolene Bomgardner
Her Voice by Kat Leedy
The Wind Was In Her Spirit by Lori Wise

Up to 8th Grade

Passion Inside Her by Keymyra Barreiro
500 Free by Eleano Barone
The Cupcake Poem by Emma Stevenson
Chicken named Drew by Ethen Martino
Change by Sarah Stewart
My Room by Saniyaah Sully
Sunset by Molly Fisher
Mystery Vacation by Maddie Barnhart
Modern Technology by Daniel Velazquez
Around the World in a Minute by Yana Boddy

In conjunction with National Poetry Month, the Lebanon Community Library’s 20th Annual Celebration of Poetry will be held at the Lebanon Community Library on Monday, April 15, 2019, at 6:00 PM.  All contest entrants and poetry lovers are invited to this event during which winning poems will be read by the winning poets. Following this event, prepaid orders for a bound volume of the winning entries will be taken. For additional information please contact Barbara Doughty at 717-273-7624 or email